Boost learning at your organization with a digital tool for upskilling and reskilling your workforce

Help your employees discover reskilling opportunities at your organization

By using interest profiling with a world-renowned Holland code methodology, we help employees uncover new career paths at their workplace.

Discover insights on interest compatibility, boost career mobility, and avoid layoffs.

Or, alternatively, help your employees become better at their jobs with our upskilling solution

Support your employees choosing the skills they need to work on and encourage continuous learning with a powerful self-coaching tool.

Bring clarity to learning expectations at your organization, and empower employees to learn.


Define crucial skills for your job roles - do it on your own, or use the World Economic Forum’s skills taxonomy instead.

We’ll help you combine workforce strategy, industry trends, and personal interests of employees into a coherent learning experience.

Standardized skill descriptions for each job level and role or custom - we've got you covered.

Defining descriptions for each skill may give you more objectivity, yet it might also take up too many resources. In either case, we give you flexibility to choose.

Setting learning goals without specifying actionable steps is useless. We’ll help you turn learning into a strategic habit.

We let both you and your employees set action items for improving each skill. It’s all about the journey, afterall.


We are a team of four cofounders passionate about technology, strategic workforce management, and HR. At UpMatched, we believe in a world where businesses can sustain innovation and competitiveness through enabling learning experiences for their employees. By helping employers organize and lead upskilling and reskilling efforts, we are not only boosting their business potential, but also ensuring their employees maintain a competitive set of skills.

Ričards Križanovskis
Nauris Bloks
Zane Čulkstēna
Marketing and Partnerships
Pārsla Baško
Strategic HR

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