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Meet Sandy

Our first career assistant on Facebook Messenger

How it works?

Specific audience

  • Reach industry specialists
  • Define specific universities
  • Find new leads

Unique channels

  • Social media (targeted Facebook Ads)
  • Your database with leads
  • UpMatched registered users

Personalized approach

  • Create a chatbot interview
  • Customize questions
  • Add quizzes and links

Instant feedback

  • See screening results
  • Analyze the automated interviews
  • Contact leads right away

Automated processes

Allows to automate 1/3 of the recruitment process, saving time and money for HR professionals.


Reach passive candidates that are known to be more productive and committed at the new workplace.


Increase candidate satisfaction and NPS through engaging conversations with the job leads.

Faster &
better results

Reach your recruitment goals in < 7 days of your innovative non-stop campaign.

Key Figures


Interview time


Average rate
of lead generation

< 7

Time to fill leads


Lead satisfaction

Case Studies


To attract and
screen young talents
with various
educational backgrounds
for the work in IT
industry, where the
demand for job leads
is immensely high.


Fun, interactive, and engaging chatbot Sandy which sells the offer to the user based on the interviewee' interests, later interviewing the candidate and guiding through the application procedure.


Out of 700 emails sent, 27% of youngsters engaged in the conversation with Sandy with every third candidate successfully completing the screening interview and 79% of the respondents enjoying the chat with Sandy.


To attract the job leads speaking freely multiple languages for
the call centers & branch offices of the bank.


Digital hiring assistant Toms who tells about everyday life of
the employees, checks the required qualifications through a chatting interview and later connects them with the recruiter of the bank.


More than 180 interviews carried out through the Facebook Messenger chatbot within 3 weeks, with over 40 qualified and interested job leads obtained through a social media campaign.


To introduce a new
company to the labor
market and attract
job leads for
more than 180 open
vacancies with various requirements.


Lively chatbot Yuri
that introduces its
users to the new
firm and offers
to join the team by completing a short screening interview.


More than 250 interviews through with the chatbot Yuri in 8 weeks resulting in 80+ qualified and interested jobs leads that were further redirected to the application form.


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